07 November, 2009

New Longer "Avatar" Movie Trailer & Official Site

As news of the premiere draws closer, I always find it interesting to see how the producers choose to market a film in preparation for a particular season. In this case, the Holiday Season. Notice how different each of these trailers are. Which one do you like best?

Pay attention to how different the tone is for each. I think you will like watching both as each gives a little more insight into the story, something very important to us. Have fun checking out these two trailers. Check out the official site at the bottom as well as the various interactive toys such Avatar iTag that just look way cool.

We can't wait!

Visit the offiiclal Avatar Movie Site here >>

Visit the cool Avataritag site as well to see what's available to play. I haven't done this yet, if you have, feel free to leave feedback. Visit Avataritag here >>.

And I couldn't resist, here is a clip of the Avatar iTag in action. Be prepared to trip out guys.


  1. Michelle Rodriguez is the only threat to this movie's perfection

  2. WOW! They finally made a Smerfs movie, lol!