28 April, 2011

20 April, 2011

Portal 2: Rollover Ad and MSN Review

A new hover ad unit...hover over the image above to see what happens. At first, I thought this to be invasive, but its not so bad. When the large screen opens up however, I was hoping to see a larger view of the movie, the movie is still quite small. I'm not sure if there is much value in the static text and imagery surrounding the video. Make the video bigger.

And below is the MSNNBC Todd Kendrick review of the game. The game from what I hear is quite unique and fun - if you can figure out the puzzles. The animation and voice acting also looks very sweet. I'll probably check it out, seems like a wild experience.

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19 April, 2011

13 April, 2011

Audi Robots

Ever see a video on Youtube, and you like it so much that you want to watch it again, but you can't because you don't remember the URL, and no matter what search criteria you type in Youtube (in this case, audi and robot), it doesn't appear. This video is the "one" that I couldn't find.

Now that its here, its going to stay permanently in this blog. Not only is it cool to look at, its unique, it shows great animation, camera work, and a seamless composite (putting everything together). I'm also a sucker for slick white shiny robots.

Let's go for a ride!

11 April, 2011

NAILGUN: 2011 Motion Graphics Reel

If you are like me and are amazed with some of the motion graphics openings to shows on HG TV, SyFy Channel, and ESPN, check out NAILGUN. Their work is cutting edge, fun and clever. Many of their animations are short (less than 5 seconds), but really that's all you need to create something way cool.

As an animation instructor, I always push my students to create simple animation, showcasing good solid design and these guys are a great examples of that. Be sure to check their showreel to get ideas for projects.

Nailgun 2011 Showreel >>

04 April, 2011

Nike Flywire

Sometimes, if all you have is a good model, that may be all you need. You don't need fancy backgrounds and keep it simple. Instead, show us more of the product, explore different angles, go up, down, side to side, spin and rotate, and wow us with speed variety. Once in awhile, use the beat of the music to change the rhythm of the piece.

This piece goes further by showing us it was created (factory shots), and how it will inevitably be used (by badass atheletes).

03 April, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2: Trailer 2

Hooray! The sequel to my bestest, most favoritest, awesomest, movie of all time! This looks great. The movie has more action, more characters, and bigger sets.