29 June, 2010

E3: What's Hot in Video Games

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What's hot in video games this year? How bout more 3D (across all platforms), Project Natal, Sony Move & 3D HDTV's.

28 June, 2010

Super Mario Beatbox

Simpy amazing to see how many sounds come out of this guy.

18 June, 2010

Adidas - Star Wars Cantina

Snoop Dog with a lightsaber? Hell Yeah Foo!

The work on this clip, the blending of the new shots over the original Cantina footage is simply amazing and utterly mesmerizing. Be sure you keep an eye out for other cameos in the Cantina.

Force Unleashed 2 Trailer

Very nice trailer guys - the action is superb! This really should be a movie folks - it looks like one already

For some added enjoyment and puzzle work, be sure you check out the official Force Unleashed 2 Website here >>

04 June, 2010

Kia Hampsters - Rollin Old Skool

Nice fun little piece with great animation and compositing...makes me want to get one. Hey Luis, thanks for the heads up. Some of us feel like we're driving a washing machine now.

03 June, 2010

Nathan Fowkes: Concept Artist

Once in a while, you come across an artist who you've never heard of before, but who simply ignites some inspiration. Nathan Fowkes is a concept artist for Dreamworks Animation, who has done work for "How To Train Your Dragon", "The Prince of Egypt" and "Shrek 4". I marvel at his sense of color (color studies) and his sense of composition.

What impressed me the most, was his portrait work.   As an artist, I believe that creating realistic portraits is one of the most difficult things to do. Not only does the face have to be anatomically correct, but it also must feel and look like the person, which in essence strikes an emotional chord. His examples, seen on this link, reminded me to keep doing it during my spare time, to stay sharp and inspired. 

Thanks Kevin for sharing and passing along some much needed inspiration.

Hey Nathan, if you happen to stumble across this blogpost, know that you got some fans here. 
Keep up the great work!