31 October, 2012

CGI VFX Breakdowns: Dark Shadows

These shots are very convincing and were created by the visual effects house called The Senate. Remember that one of the main reasons shots like this are put together is because its too difficult to recreate, primarily because of logistics and cost. You wonder however if it was possible to secure a large warehouse to film some of the opening shots. You can learn about The Senate by visiting their site below. http://www.senatevfx.com Be sure you check their showreel. Fire it up!

25 October, 2012

LG IPS Monitors: So Real It's Scary

Saw this today and had to post and share. To pull this off however, is not just the monitors, but also the sound, animation, overall presentation, including the flickering lights. A very nice effect that you'll find interesting. Looks fun.

Particles Animation 2012 Olympic Candy Commercial.

Particle animation used for Cadbury Dairy Milk aired during the 2012 London Olympics. The particle trails created by the athletes' movements generates interesting and unique designs inherent to the unique event. Very nice to look at, making me want to see more. I forgot it was a candy commercial, did you? The animation was created by the talented crew from Piranha Bar, Dublin Ireland. Check their website, and you might find that you recognize a lot of pieces they've created. http://www.piranhabar.ie/ Fire it up!

23 October, 2012

Iron Man 3: Trailer 1

Iron Man 3, seems like Tony Stark gets into more trouble recovering from the affects of the The Avengers. A darker version where it seems that the suits turn on him. Premiering in April.

18 October, 2012

Julien Malot - CG VFX Demo Reel

 Julien displays some fantastic work in both his films and commercial venues and a wide variety of examples. Pay close attention to his breakdowns, design and layout.