13 February, 2014

Marcin Montesano: 3D VFX Generalist Demo Reel

Lots of great simple "doable" ideas in this reel. Thanks for inspiring us Marcin. Keep up the great work!

Fire It Up!

03 February, 2014

Top 10 Superbowl Commercials 2014

At first glance, we thought that there weren't many "good" commercials this year. But if you look, there were many great gems to note. Here are our Top 10 Superbowl Commercials for 2014. Our criteria? Simple, they have to have some kind of CG or animated element and they must have a high entertainment value. In my classes, it means "laugh factor", the more giggles it got, the higher the score. No. One on our list however, was just plane excellent. Enjoy!
Thanks everyone for your input.
Let's start with No. 10.

No. 10 - H & M David Beckham: I know, the ladies love it.

No. 9 - Jaguar: Villains

No. 8 - Doritos: Time Machine

No. 7 - Radio Shack - 80's

No. 6 - PS4: Perfect Day

No. 5 - Volkswagen Wings

No.4 - Axe: Make Love Not War

No. 3 - Dober hua hua

No. 2 - Kia Matrix - By: Digital Domain

And NO. 1. - Pepsi. This was not an official commercial but it seemed to be the most outstanding thing we saw.