29 April, 2013

23 April, 2013

"Thor - Dark World" Trailer

Loki looks like he could be the lead singer of a band in this trailer.

16 April, 2013

10 April, 2013

Elysium: Trailer

Something really cool about this movie. Let's hope its cool.

01 April, 2013

The Hobbit: Post Production Featurette

Bought The Hobbit on Bluray about a week ago, and haven't stopped watching it. I love this move even more, even after seeing it on the big screen. The video blogs that accompany the bluray give a nice tour into the creation of the film, and if you haven't seen it, here is video blog 9 about the post production process. Items covered in this featurette include: sound design, sound engineering and foley, color correction, animation, and compositing - subjects that are right up our alley. In a small way, you'll get a taste of the stress involved in creating all of the work in a compressed timeframe. Enjoy!