13 December, 2012

Architectual PreViz: AllCGStudio

Some really nice work from the guys at AllCGStudio. Their level of detail in their presentation is outstanding - their lighting setup makes their models appear as if they already exist in the world. Learn more by visiting their site below: http://www.allcgstudio.com/

12 December, 2012

Man of Steel: Trailer 2

Something to look forward to...an all-star cast and a dark different take on what we are used to seeing - I love how the trailer continues to build. Looks quite epic. The soundtrack reminds me of Gladiator. Fire it Up!

03 December, 2012

Peregrine Falcon CG FX & Breakdown: By Fido

Some amazing visual effects work of a falcon by Fido, coming from Scandanavia. In this reel, you'll see exceptional examples of modeling, animation, rigging, lighting, and texturing coming together to compose a beautiful piece. You can learn more about Fido by visiting their website below. http://www.fido.se/ Fire It Up!