30 July, 2011

Avengers - Assembled: What They Would Look Like

At the San Diego 2011 Comic Con, lucky visitors were treated to posters of members of the Avengers. When all the posters are put together, it looks like this >>.

24 July, 2011

"Hereafter" - Opening Tsunami Shot Breakdown

Nice opening to the movie. Watch the scene first, then the breakdown below. The water moving throughout the shots looks good. Here's the scene...


Their website can also be checked out below. These guys are really expert in water, simply the best.

http://www.scanlinevfx.com/muc/de/reels.html >>

20 July, 2011

Rango - End Credits

Once again, another fabulous end credit presentation. Great styling and music. Oh yeah, the movie was also very good...dark, grungy, dirty, cool.

09 July, 2011

Law Abiding Engineer

This trailer is a great piece of work. The artist took the Law Abiding Citizen trailer and composited the character rigs from Team Fortress 2on to it. His lighting, camera movements, edits and film grain are spot on. Funny thing, this trailer got more views than the actual movie trailer. I see a future animation assignment up ahead.