12 October, 2007

Gatchaman : Coming Soon

I had heard about the development of a CG version of Gatchaman for a while and it looks like its finally in the works. Its being produced by Imagi, the same group who brought us TMNT. Check out Imagi's site for the latest info as well as conceptual art by clicking here.

Also below (thanks to Youtube), are two updated samples of the Gatchaman done in 94, and once again in 2000. All I can say, is that its about time! Thanks guys! Enjoy!

11 October, 2007

New Year's Eve : Matte Painting

This week, I had the pleasure of subbing for Dave's class. They covered the art of matte painting, where an artist is hired to create a background image that would be too costly or physically impossible to create. As a guide for the class, we studied the techniques of Christian Scheurer.

02 October, 2007

WETA on Maya

WETA used Maya exclusively for Lord of the Rings. For those of you just learning Maya, hopefully it adds more fuel to your fire. More specifically, the video gives an overview of the Maya pipeline used for the movie, its benefits, comments on its UI, digital doubles, Gollum, Shelob and some great news overall, definitely worth checking if you are a Maya newbie.