29 September, 2008

60 FPS: Final Animation

60 FPS from randolfd on Vimeo.

Here is the final animation. Thanks to everyone who made this project a success. I wish all of you continued health and prosperity. I'm going to rest a bit, and after resting, will work on a new animation soon (perhaps "The Final Task" sequel).

Until next time...
Randolf Dimalanta

27 September, 2008

New Citroen C4 Animation

Hey Guys - A new animated car commercial for the Citroen C4 has just come out and is now playing in the UK. As always, the studio that created the clip is sharp in terms of handling the overall compositing of the robot with the environment, storytelling and presentation. As expected, we have some pretty slick movement and dance moves, see if you can pick out the theme/genre. 

For those of you who worked on the commercial, good job. Keep 'em coming, we like dancing robots! Wish this was longer. You can view the original Citroen car commercials here.

Fire it up!

22 September, 2008

Maya Tutorials By Jesse Toula

Jesse's got some great tutorials on how to animate extrusions, gun muzzle fire, creating a shirt and creating cool text (pictured here on the left). Visit his site by clicking the link below.

Thanks Jesse for posting and sharing your talent! Fire it up!

21 September, 2008

Life Drawing / Gesture Video Demonstration

Hey Guys - - In order to advance your skills, its important to be somewhat proficient in lifedrawing. The practice of which has many benefits, these include: knowledge of anatomy, proportion and movement that inevitably leads to the expression of character in animation. 

Below is a link to a video tutorial I created to help you with the gesture lifedrawing process I use. Keep in mind that there are many ways to do this, this just happens to be the procedure I follow to help me with proportion and construction of the figure (I've tried lots of methods, this is the best way for me). 

Once this is established, I can begin to add details in the contour (outline), anatomy and shading.  The lifedrawing tutorial moves kind of slow, but was necessary in order to explain a few things. 

The goal, is to do this often enough that you become proficient and fast. Keep a sketchbook handy, attend lifedrawing sessions, and or draw whenever you are kicking back in a public place.

Click below or the picture above to view the tutorial. . . enjoy!

11 September, 2008

One Rat Short

Written and Directed by Alex Weil, and the winner of numerous awards in 2006, "One Rat Short " features great modeling, lighting, texturing and fur, but most of all, it features a unique interesting story about a rat in a hight tech lab. Turn up the volume as the sound kicks. For those of you modeling your organic object this week, this is a great example of organic and inorganic models working together to help propel the story. Notice how the environment colors and textures change as we move from one environment to the next. 

The official site can be found by clicking here.


Berni Huber: VFS Demo Reel

Hi Guys - Great work here. I saw this about a year ago, and it still stands as great example of what he can do. During the turntable, take a look at how organized the mesh is. Great lighting, materials and compositing too. What are you doing these days Berni?

08 September, 2008

3D and Interactive Media Design

Incorporating 3D graphics into an interactive webpage makes for unique cutting edge presentations. Most of the animated graphics we see on the web are flat or are vector based through the use of Flash, Fireworks, Ai, and is always impressive to see a slick integration of 3D into the design. Here's a great example from the MSNBC site that I thought was pretty cool. This post is actually for all those interactive web designers who are in my classes wanting to learn 3D. Begin thinking of ways to incorporate your new 3D skills into your designs.  

06 September, 2008

Ironman: Pre-viz to Screen Final Comparison

Hi Guys – Here’s a pretty nice side by side pre-viz to screen comparison reel of scenes from the Iron Man movie (2008). It shows great examples of lighting, texturing and reflectivity in the final shot, but its always good to also see what they started with as seen in the animatic. Also, when you look at the animatic animations, notice how very close they move to the final shot, the post camera shakes to make the shot believable, as well as the addition of motion blurs. Inspiring stuff. Definitely doable, but definitely done alone.
Thanks Patricio for the link!