31 January, 2011

Battle Los Angeles: Trailer

The trailer is interesting, it leaves a lot to the imagination and makes me want to see more. Pretty cool!

What Is The Internet: TODAY SHOW '94

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Hilarious - Look at how far we've come. Do you remember your first impressions of the internet? Something that sounded so foreign at the time, is now common, something we can't live without. Okay, time to finish this online internet blogpost!

Use the internet to your advantage by finding ways to display your work. It'll make you look sharper. The easiest way to do this is by creating online presence via a blog or website. Some benefits: employers can view your work and animations anywhere, you will appear to be a self starter, and that you understand a technology that every company in the world needs to take advantage of.

I keep a blog on how to create, design and upload your own personal website. I use it a lot for my students who know little about the process, so if you are starting, maybe it'll help you out.

You can check it out here:
3 Seconds to Impress >>

25 January, 2011

ED 209: Classic Robocop Scene

Saw Robocop appear on Netflix the other day, and I immediately fast forwarded to the most memorable scene of the movie - it has been years since I've seen this movie. The scene features a malfunctioning robot animated via stop motion, great sound, and visual effects squib work (this is the bloody explosion stuff happening on the guy's body).

Also is a documentary about the scene called "Making ED 209), as well as the latest poster for the scheduled remake.


24 January, 2011

Le Petit Nicolas: Cut Paper Animation

This movie intro features animation utilizing cut pieces of paper in a "pop up" book style fashion. Do you think this was done in CG? The animation is cute, clever, and has a nice feel. Just a little somethin somethin to keep you inspired.

Fire it up!

20 January, 2011

The Golden Rectangle: Donald Duck Style

Design is a very important topic in many of my classes, and eventually we learn, discuss and practice a very important tool/concept to help with our designs, the Golden Rectangle. Established and used by the Greeks and also found in nature, it is an important tool that we can use to help us with our designs to achieve pleasing and comfortable proportions in everything (yes). This is explained quite well by Donald Duck and the Crew.

Enjoy & Fire it Up!

Hey Chris, thanks for the heads up!

17 January, 2011

Subway Rat Wake Up Call

Ewww gross! You have to admit that the man was pretty calm when he awoke to a rat in his face. Me, I would've woke up swingin if you know what I mean.

Dead Space 2: Trailer

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Coming out Jan. 25 for the XBox 360 and the Playstation. This clip features an interview with executive producer Steve Papoutsis and his take on making a game creepy scary. My wife doesn't like listening to the opening song of this video late at night. If you are by yourself in the dark, go ahead and turn up the volume on this one.

15 January, 2011

Priest: Trailer

Coming in May 2011. The trailer is pretty cool, based on a Tokyopop graphic novel, the movie looks like a new and interesting take on an age old war. What do you think, "Legion", meets "Aliens", meets "Road Warrior"?

05 January, 2011

Cinema 4D: 2010 Demo

Saw an inspiring presentation today...For the slick broadcast motion graphics you see on ESPN, NBC, ABC, CBS and SYFY Channel (basically, all the networks) Cinema 4D is the ticket. The main reason: quick rendering, and seamless integration with After Effects.

Add to your arenal. To learn more about Cinema 4D, be sure to visit the Maxon site.
Fire it up! & Happy New Year.

Cinema 4D Tutorial: