25 April, 2008

Painter IX Matte Painting Demos

Here are a few of the demonstration pieces created in the Painter class this week on matte painting. I'll see if I can work up a quick video tutorial on this stuff in the near future, its a lot of fun.

Be sure when you do your matte painting, that you keep atmospheric perspective in mind and that you have an idea of your composition. This means establishing your focal point. Case in point, just because the glow brush makes things look cool, doesn't mean that you add it everywhere. Be judicious and selective in where it is used.

If everything on a painting is shouting with glows, the viewer will not know where to look. Show some restraint, this is where your power resides.

Happy Matte Painting!



24 April, 2008

Francisco Moncayo : Demo Reel

Francisco sports another great VFS Demo Reel. I love this concept for its simplicity. His modeling, lighting, texturing and motion capture work together to make a believable and entertaining piece. For those of you who like sushi and animation, this one's for you. Thanks for sharing Francisco, let us know what you are up to next.

17 April, 2008


Hey guys, I close friend shared a link to animationpodcast.com. Its run by Disney Animation Supervisor Clay Kaytis. This is so informative and inspiring. Its great to listen to while you work or drive on the freeway. 

In his podcasts, Clay interviews top animators in the field (you name them, he's interviewed them). You get to hear and learn about animation techniques, animation lessons on the job, news about the animation industry, but what I like the most is its focus on the craft of animation itself (old skool style). 

For those of you hardcore 2D Animators, its definitely worth checking. Listen to it so you become more powerful. 

Thanks Ruel for the heads up!

Fire it Up!


16 April, 2008

Color Comp Demo

Here is today's demo on matching color on the computer. In order to improve your color memory, its essential that you take time to look at color combinations from artists you like, and see if you can apply the same colors to your own piece.

When matching colors I follow this method:

Match Hue
Match Value
Match Saturation or Intensity

Work from the background to the foreground.
Block in the basic shapes.
Add atmospheric perspective by adding haze or blurring portions of your painting.

11 April, 2008

The Ai Instructor

Here's me as a character in a work uniform.

09 April, 2008


Created in Painter iX, using the charcoal, and fx shattered brushes. The piece also demonstrated the pickout technique, where you apply a transparent midtone over the entire image, then upon it, you add darks, lights, then highlights to complete the image.