09 April, 2008


Created in Painter iX, using the charcoal, and fx shattered brushes. The piece also demonstrated the pickout technique, where you apply a transparent midtone over the entire image, then upon it, you add darks, lights, then highlights to complete the image.


  1. Randolf, why do they call it the pickout technique?

  2. Hi Joel,

    It's called pickout because after the drawing is complete, one applies a medium that can be removed. In most cases, the pickout technique occurs when an eraser is used to pickout highlights, or water is used. After the drawing is complete, a medium value is administered over the entire drawing upon which the pickout technique can be administered. The light areas are picked out and the shadow areas are added, creating a wide range of values in a short amount of time. Hope this helps. I use the technique a lot.

  3. Thanks Randolf... Try ko nga yan.