25 April, 2008

Painter IX Matte Painting Demos

Here are a few of the demonstration pieces created in the Painter class this week on matte painting. I'll see if I can work up a quick video tutorial on this stuff in the near future, its a lot of fun.

Be sure when you do your matte painting, that you keep atmospheric perspective in mind and that you have an idea of your composition. This means establishing your focal point. Case in point, just because the glow brush makes things look cool, doesn't mean that you add it everywhere. Be judicious and selective in where it is used.

If everything on a painting is shouting with glows, the viewer will not know where to look. Show some restraint, this is where your power resides.

Happy Matte Painting!




  1. hey randolph, what all did you paint in for the one on the bottom of the three paintings you have on here?? everything goes together very nicely and looks like a minimal amount of work was needed to really make theese things stand out!!

    Matt rogers-

  2. In the last painting, we did a couple many simple things, we started with a simple landscape photo, painted the cityscape in the distance with detail, painted lights in the natural rock formations, glows to these lights, added the mountain / volcano, smoke, atmospheric perspective throughout, and two lighting effects passes in order to achieve the mood. It was done in about 15 - 20 minutes, and was a lot of fun.