29 May, 2010

Interview at ILM. What was it like?

Some inside info on what it was like to interview for an animator position at ILM by Animation Mentor grad Travis Tohill. You can read the interview here >> Travis realized his dream and began animating for Transformers 2.

Thanks for sharing Travis.

25 May, 2010

Azureas Rising Proof of Concept

This is a really nice action packed animated short Azureas Rising from Black Sun Entertainment The animation is a concept for a feature film trilogy. The work is stunning. Great timing, editing, lighting and texturing work. Good luck guys.

You can learn more about the animation by visiting the Azureas Rising site.

21 May, 2010

Cool Stormy Ocean Shader in Maya

Learn how to create a stormy ocean affect in Maya. This tutorial is simple straightforward, and introduces you to Maya's Ocean Shader.

It took me only a few minutes to create this image. Be sure you click the example video on the tutorial because the tutorial shows you how to attach a camera to the surface of the water to simulate that you are on a boat. Pretty cool - can anyone say "Perfect Storm"?

Click here to check out the tutorial >>

Fire it Up!

17 May, 2010

2009 Autodesk Visualization Reel

Watch this and get ideas for presenting your CG models. Pay attention to the lighting, rendering quality, composition, and camera work (specifically - camera timing), and animation. In animating your objects, you can: animate them assembling, animate a morph transition to another object and even animate how an object can be used. Be creative with your objects and have fun with them. If its interesting to you, it will be interesting for the people looking at your work as well.


14 May, 2010

Iron Man 2 : Suit Design Featurette

Attention to detail plays a big part in the look and feel of a film - everything MUST have a purpose, even when we don't "see" it. In designing Iron Man's armor, pay close attention to the inner workings of the armor and how that lends itself to the aesthetic appeal of the overall design. The thought process displayed in this featurette is what good character design is made of.


The site hosting this featurette is called "Makingof.com", they seem to have lots of featurettes for the movies we love. I'll be checking it often and will post anything that makes me salivate.

Fire it up! Keep drawing, painting and animating!


13 May, 2010

Maya, 3DS Max & Mudbox Free for Students

Hi All - This came in this week. If you are a student and in need of the lastest versions of Maya, 3DS Max and Mudbox, be sure you check out the Autodesk site.

They are offering full versions of their software for students to use for free for 13 months. We've already had lots of students download the applications, and they're loving it. Jut thought I'd pass along some good news.