31 August, 2010

Sketch Theatre

Sketch Theatre is a website that features the industry's best conceptual designers, by featuring their work and video demos set to cool music. Leave it up to former students of mine who are always on the lookout for cool things that help us become more powerful. This comes from Char all the way from Minnesota...thanks Char for the heads up!

Check out Sketch Theatre by clicking here >>

Fire it up and enjoy. Be sure to check out Peter Han guys, he's the bomb. We'll learn about him next.


26 August, 2010

Gen Arts: VFX Demo Reel

Gen Arts is a software group that creates high octane programs used for animation and visual effects for companies like Autodesk, ILM and Adobe. See how many commercials you can recognize in their robust demo reel. Hopefully, it'll spur some ideas in you too. Fire it up Ya'll! - Randolf

Be sure to check their site by clicking their link below:

http://www.genarts.com >>

22 August, 2010

8 Bit Strange: Porta Ops

A funny simple animation, simple characters, clever idea and funny...had to post, couldn't help myself.

13 August, 2010

VAN ARTS: Demo Reels

Saw these demo reels and thought they would be helpful giving students who are putting their demo reels ideas for presentation, layout and overall design. Check these out to get some ideas.

03 August, 2010

Video Games Live: Concert Trailer

Music plays a big part in the video games that we enjoy, it helps sets the tone, storytelling, and some become engrained in our psyche. It is simply impossible to imagine a video game without any music. This program was inspiring, it features many of the songs we know and love in the video games we play performed by a full symphonic orchestra. Simply inspiring and engaging. Personally, I'm particularly attracted to the World of Warcraft compositions. So be sure to check your local PBS station for its next appearance and enjoy.