28 November, 2012

Game of Thrones: CGU VFX Breakdowns

Simple but effective use of CGI to create the over 350 visual effect shots of season 1. Many of the landscape shots are similar to what we create in class, but I especially like the variety of "kill shots". Another fun assignment is on the horizon. Stay posted. Fire it up!

21 November, 2012

Gustav Hoegen: 2012 Animatronic Showreel

All we can say is Wow! One thing to consider, are some of the benefits of using animatronics vs. cg. What do you think? Here, we agreed that an animatronic character, if done well, would be a better costar for an actor. The actor has the ability to react in a realistic fashion to a character that he sees right in front of him because the character has volume, one can make eye contact therefore creating a better connection. There are ways around this, but its usually up to the vision of the director to make sure that the connection is believable. In CG, the character is added in post, sometimes the reaction of an actor is not as believable. We wonder however, if it's cost and time effective, other than that we believe this work to be top notch. Nice job Gustav. Keep firing it up!

Art of Data: IBM Behind the Scenes

In this presentation, we see how code is used to create imagery that is not only beautiful and unique, but useful. Imagine seeing a heartbeat in a way that is unconventional, but dimensional in a way that is steps above a standard 2D EKG. Everything is driven by numbers and so presentations of this kind can only enhance our understanding complex mathematical concepts by giving all of us new ways to relate to the information. Enjoy! Fire it up!

10 November, 2012

Great White Shark "Kon Tiki" Visual FX Breakdown by ILP

Great white shark visual effects modeling, compositing, fluid and fx animation for the movie Kon Tiki, by ILP (Important Looking Pirates)- nice name. ILP is a visual effects group from Sweden. You can view their website and 2012 Showreel below. http://ilpvfx.com

08 November, 2012

Design Animation VFX Showreel 2011 by Engine

Oh yeah, hot stuff. Good mixture of CG with cutting edge motion graphics editing, the song helps out in a big way. Be sure to check out their site below. http://www.engine.net.au