13 September, 2012

Shrunkenheadman March for Equal Represtation 2012

A snippet from the letter sent to Alumni regarding The Shrunkenheadman Club's petition to become its own department at San Jose State University. Speaking as a former president of the club (1996), and being familiar with its humble roots, its so inspiring to see the program grow to its current active state. The spirit that permeates those walls is incredible and is simply inspiring.

- -

Yesterday will forever be remembered in Shrunkenheadman history. On Monday, September
10th, 2012, students, parents, and alumni rallied together in a march to iconic Tower Hall
to request more academic space and petition to make the Animation/Illustration Program a
bonafide department. President Qayoumi was not in his office when we arrived; however,
we were able to deliver a formal letter addressed to the President, along with a petition to
make Animation/Illustration a department, to Dorothy Poole, the President’s Chief of Staff.
The petition featured over 3,500 signatures and included personal comments from alumni
and industry allies from across the United States. A camera from the NBC News Team and
journalists from various papers were there to document our experience. Our story appeared
online in the Silicon Beat and was featured on the cover of the Spartan Daily.

We then walked to the office of Dean Vollendorf to deliver a copy of our letter and petition
addressed to the President. The Dean spoke briefly with a few of the officers and accepted our
documents. Unfortunately, she was not receptive to our requests and declined to meet with the
other students in the hallway. The march concluded with a final rally and clap on Tower Lawn.

- -

For those of you who have graduated, please lend your voice and expertise into making this happen, and for those of you are in the program, don't stop. Keep drawing, keep animating, keep improving, keep moving. This is a great thing.

To see the caliber of work coming out of the school...their 2011 Showreel is below.

Fire it up guys!

12 September, 2012

"Wreck It Ralph" Trailer 2