30 April, 2010

Last Airbender: New Trailer 3

Here is the third Last Airbender trailer. Lots of shots we've seen already, but lots of cool fighting and environment shots too.


27 April, 2010

Real People Painted to Look Like Paintings

Pretty cool stuff here...Take a quick look at these figurative paintings. Well, they're not actual paintings, they're photographs of real people, painted to look like paintings. The result is quite unique and remarkable. Some examples work better than others, but the idea is genius. Thanks Thomas for sharing.

Would you still consider this "painting"?

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Look at more examples by click here >>

23 April, 2010

Lightning Inside the Volcano

Here is some incredible footage of lightning being generated inside Eyjafljallajokull volcano's ash cloud. The pictures are quite stunning.

Oh yeah, if you are like the rest of the media and are having trouble pronouncing this volcano's name, try this. I know, its tough to spell, even tougher to say.

21 April, 2010

Guru Studio: Animation Reel

Guru Studio is an animation firm based out of Toronto Canada. They show a great variety of styles and techniques, some which I have never seen. I'm particularly attracted to their simple designs, where they use color and composition to achieve a wimsical look and feel. Nice work guys. Hopefully their work inspires you and triggers new ideas.

To learn more about them, visit their site below:

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18 April, 2010

Clone Wars Season 2 Finale: Boba Fett

Be sure to check out "The Clone Wars - Season 2: Finale", on April 23, 2010, featuring Boba Fett. Looks pretty cool, especially if you are a big fan of the renegade "Empire" bounty hunter and his costume. Looks like this episode will center around his life after SWEP2.

To learn more about the episode, be sure to check here >>:

16 April, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon: Olympic Spots

Thanks to Dr. Duncan's History of Animation class for sharing these with the class. For those of you who have seen the movie, which many of you are big fans of now, you'll love these spots.

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Medal Awards

Speed Skating


Ski Jump


How to Train Your Dragon: Olympic Spots

Rube Goldberg: Japanese Style

While researching video clips for my animation classes this week, we ran into this clip that features marbles travelling through Rube Goldberg type contraptions. You'll like these a lot, some of the mechanics are simply genius. After you've watched the clip, be sure to check out this Honda commercial created in a similar fashion.

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13 April, 2010

Kennedy Chiu: Environment and Prop Modeler

Kennedy Chiu's demo reel caught our attention this week. He's got a nice sense of material variety and a good feel for timing and design. Be sure you stick around for the motorcycle at the end.

Hey Kennedy keep up the great work.

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08 April, 2010

"Pixels" Movie

Uploaded by onemoreprod. - Watch original web videos. This latest production by Patrick Short is amazing. It features an amazing concept and is visually appealing. Great particle and composite work. After you see this, you would have wished you thought of this.

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06 April, 2010

Zombieland: Art of the Title Sequence

I frequent the "Art of the Title Sequence" website often because it features cutting edge title sequences. I'm often drawn to these because of their simplicity, creativity and for the emotional connection they have to achieve with the viewer in such a short amount of time.

In many of these, the sequence is not so straight forward, they are conceptual, and usually display thoughtful designs and compositions. I watch out for unique typographic solutions that integrate CG elements and great timing. To be honest, I'm surprised I haven't written a blogpost about this site, I can't say enough about it.

If you are inspired by movie title sequences, be sure to check it out, you'll see interviews, alternative solutions, storyboards, artwork and production stills so you can see how the sequences were made. Not only that, but you also get to see a high resolution copy oactual title sequence from the movie...a great learning opportunity.

Be sure to check to check out the current title sequence from "Zombieland".

Rule Number 1 in a Zombie Apocolypse: "Cardio".

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