30 April, 2012

Dark Knight Rises: Trailer

This looks and feels way different from the first two installments, and as I watch, without knowing story, I wonder what looks to be a prison / arena shot below, and why the football field is collapsing, its just nuts! The entire trailer, dark and subtle is great to see.

Enjoy and Fire It Up!

19 April, 2012

Alma: Animated Short Film

No wonder I get creepy feelings when I'm around old dolls. We need more "creepy" animations.

01 April, 2012

Total Recall: Trailer 1

Ah something to look forward to this summer, and for those of you who are too young to know that this is a remake, here is the trailer from the 1990 version. I remember liking the story back then, we sure have improved as far as vfx goes.