26 September, 2007

"Pocoyo" Animation

This animation is really cute. It features great design and characters, and clever animation. I love the minimalistic approach to the look of the animation. When watching this, look at how well the action and poses are staged, they add a lot, especially when they are on a white background.

I personally am fond of Elly.

Thanks Ruel for the link!

22 September, 2007

Genndy Tartakovsky : Demo Reel

In my Intro to 2D Animation class this quarter, we studied the animations of animation director Genndy Tartakovsky. He is famous for directing "Samurai Jack", "Dexter's Laboratory" and "Star Wars : Clone Wars". A link to his directorial demo reel is below. I hope to send him a quick thank you and encouragement, he's got a nice following at our school. Enjoy.

The link to his reel is below:

Animation Mentor

Animationmentor is an online animation school taught by industry professionals from around the world. The demoreel featured on their site of student work from 2007 is exceptional. It shows what can be done through the animation of simple shapes and the implementation of basic animation principles. Click the link above to check it out.

You can tell that when these assignments were completed, that the students had a lot of fun, which is what animation is about. The fact that its fun for you, will get you through a lot of tough times such as late nights, harsh criticsm and will eventually come through in your work. When it does, you have the ability to touch and affect people in a positive way.

Click the link below to view the site. The student reel will appear on the homepage.

19 September, 2007

Sebastian Wojda : Animation Demo Reel

Came across French animator Sebastion Wojda's demo reel on the aniboom site. His demo reel shows a lot of great shots both 3D and 2D. I also like the fact that he is able to animate camera angles in 2D, these shots are pretty dynamic. Let's also see how the video from Aniboom looks.

16 September, 2007

Mastering A Skill

Mastering A Skill:

Learning a skill and mastering it is very hard to do. In animation and painting, there are endless things to watch out for. You will need the following on this journey, as the process requires:

  • humility,
  • self analysis,
  • attention to detail,
  • feedback from others,
  • introspection,
  • concentration
  • honesty
  • and perseverance

You also need to be brutally honest about your skills and your shortcomings. You musn't let advice and or comments from others bother you, instead take it as a different point of view. It doesn't matter what discipline you are interested in.

The more you do this, the stronger you become.

11 September, 2007

Robots Everywhere!

Okay, we're all on this robot kick, thank you Transformers. If any cool robot sequences happen to come my way, I'm post them here. Here's the first one.

04 September, 2007

Give Props to Your Instructors

In class, hopefully you discuss other topics that may or may not be related to the class subject. In my classes, I make it a point to ask questions...about anything. You'll learn everything required to pass the class, but you should be asking other questions, questions about your careers. What do you think of and what are you uncertain of? The more questions you ask of this sort, the more interesting the class will be for each of us. This includes any questions you have about freelance, or navigating through the corporate jungle. There is no specific class on this, but all classes could touch on the subject. If you don't ask, then you'll never know.

As an instructor, we are always giving advice and counseling. I call mine the sawed off shotgun approach. I fire a lot of information at you whether you like it or not, hoping that something I've said sticks. As instructors, we have no way of knowing this unless you come back to tell us. By telling us you continue the cycle of sharing good information.

The other day. One of my life drawing instructors Glenn Vilppu was touring our school. I recognized him immediately, I said hello and shared with him how much he's made an impact on the way I draw and how I teach lifedrawing. He did not know who I was, as I had a weekend drawing workshop with him in 96. I had more hair back then and I was a quiet guy, well sort of. I would be surprised if he remembered me. Regardless, that workshop changed my work for the better.

So thanks a lot Glenn for being my teacher and for the picture too! You're welcome to draw at Las Vegas any time.

02 September, 2007

Templar Quote No. 2

Knowledge without discipline is wasted, and talent without knowledge is merely unrealized potential.

- Lou Krieger
"Hold "Em Excellence, A Winner for Life"