28 October, 2010

Tron Legacy: Sam Meets Quuora

21 October, 2010


Be sure to check this out, its quite inspiring. Sintel is an open movie project created entirely in Blender. Blender is a popular open source 3D software package that can do just about anything, even compositing, film editing and digital sculpting. Sintel really shows off Blender's dynamics and camera capabilities the best.

The project was created by an international group of 14 artists and took a little over a year to develop. Kudos to all of you for an outstanding and inspiring piece. Learn learn more about this project and support it, to do so, be sure to visit the Sintel.org site.

And to learn more about Blender, and where you can download the program for free, be sure you check out the Blender.org site.

Happy blending everyone!

Fire it up!

20 October, 2010


A sweet, well crafted, cute and highly entertaining piece from Patrick Boivin - Oh, did I mention that this piece is very cute. Patrick was also responsible for crafting the piece "Iron Man Vs. Bruce Lee". Hey Patrick, keep doing the good work, we love your stuff.

Fire it Up!


14 October, 2010

Omar Fernandez: VFS Modeling Reel

And yet another outstanding VFS Modeling Reel from Omar Fernandez. A reel you should definitely check out, this displays great renders, and a subtle casual handling of the camera that makes for a a believable scene that is followed by a crisp clean wireframe presentation. Also pay attention to his variety in subject matter.

Fire it up!

13 October, 2010

"Skyline" Trailer - 11:12:10

The more I see of this movie, the more intriguing it gets. Hmmm, "Independence Day" meets "2012"? Looks cool to you? Or would you wait for this on Blu Ray?

Fire it up!

05 October, 2010

Designing "Toy Story": Featurette

As we start another exciting quarter here at (place your animation school name here), we must not forget the movie which started it all. This "making of" featurette can be found on many versions of the Toy Story DVD and I'm thankful that it was produced. It gives you a short introductory glimpse into what was needed to put the animation together, especially back in those days, when computer animation was new, when all that was available was a monitor, mouse and some tape.

For those of you animating now, you have vast computer processing power, advanced controls and slicker renders to make the entire process easier, just remember that it wasn't always this way.

Enjoy the quick history lesson. Hopefully it inspires you and puts things into perspective.

Fire it up! - Randolf

...and some behind the scenes animation footage from Toy Story 3.

04 October, 2010

Halo Reach: Live Action Extended Trailer

The flavor of the trailer is well done - understated, quiet but still very beautiful to look at. Nice work guys! Enjoy and fire it up!