26 April, 2007


22 April, 2007

Van Gogh Skull

"Van Gogh Skull"
Created in Corel Painter iX
Brushes used: Artists Oils > Oil Bristle & Dry Palette Knife

"David's Eye"

"David's Eye"
Created in Corel Painter iX
Brushes used : Oil Pastels & Dry Palette Knife

The hardest thing to adjust for in this painting was the power the bottle had over everything else in the composition. It was the darkest and the tallest. To tame it, I increased the transparency of the bottle and made the piece darker in tone so that the bottle seems to be pushed into the background. I increased the difference in value in the foreground items so that they would jump forward.

14 April, 2007

Painter iX : 8 Minute Sketches.

12 April, 2007

Dragon Horizon

A demonstration on atmospheric perspective, using layers in Painter IX and using the eraser to get organic detail in the mountains and foreground subject matter.

07 April, 2007

Davey Jones :: Pirates of the Caribbean

I just needed to post this picture because it inspired me. The animation and visual effects work on this character is the best I have ever seen. Definitely something to aspire to. Well done and thanks for taking us up another level.

An interview with the visual effects supervisor John Knoll from ILM can be seen here.

The trailer for the third Pirates installment "At World's End" can be found here:

Altamira and Lascaux Cave Paintings

This was a great topic of study for me. After learning about these cave paintings found in Lascaux, France, and Altamira, Spain, I now want to make it a goal during my lifetime to visit these works of art. As a painter, I'm inspired by their ingenuity and honesty. These artists had no materials, but made the best with what they had. They learned how to create their own pigments, binders and containers to hold the paint. More amazingly, are that many of these were created in a dark cave where there was little or no light and some were painted 14 feet from the cave's floor. Makes you wonder?

Many of these showed enough detail that scientists could identify the type of animal species present during that time. They payed close attention to anatomy and gesture. These images are testament for we as humans wanting to create, learn, discover and share.

Learn more here:

03 April, 2007

Oil Painting Highlights