30 November, 2010

Spiderman: The Musical

Looks and sounds like a fantastic idea the first time I heard it. Music by U2, great stage visuals, awesome director...but it looks like it hit a few snags. Just keep going, this may turn out to be quite cool. Not sure about the $150 pricetag on seats, but its still too early to tell.

24 November, 2010

17 November, 2010

Mary the Braveheart

This is an animation for Sydney Children's Hospital. The animation has got a nice 2D/CG look to it. Its interesting and gave us some great ideas. Fire it up and enjoy!


Be sure to check out the storyboard animatic for this project to see where pieces like this get made.

11 November, 2010

Tron 2 Legacy: Trailer 3

Here is the the third trailer from the movie, showing more environments, characters and story. Man, I can't wait.

09 November, 2010

Star Wars In Game Cinematics Better Than Prequals

Crazy right? But I rightfully agree. A good example is this trailer for Force Unleashed II. So sweet. The timing and camera angles of the fight scenes are better than any that I have scene in the movies. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

04 November, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you are like me, an avid Apple user, the iPad is a great thing, but I haven't bought one just yet because of 1)the price, and 2)the size. I think its too big. I wish Apple was first to come out with a smaller, lesser priced version, but I think Samsung beat them to it. If you're an animation guy like me, having a device like this cool to bring along to look at work, and to also show potential employers or clients. Its way cool. Can you imagine rolling up in a convention and busting one of these out to showcase your work.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab (Not sure if they meant "Tablet" - I think they did), hits all the points I was concerned with - its cheaper, and smaller (nice palm size) than the iPad. Oh well, I'll bet the next versions of iPads will address this. If not, this looks good to me.

Hey if you have a tablet of any kind, chime in and let us know if you like using it. What do you use it for? How's typing on it?

Firing it Up!


02 November, 2010

"Sucker Punch": Trailer

Finally a movie with tough girls in lingerie with guns, swords, ninjas, samurai, epic fight scenes, robots, and dragons in a cool cg package. Can't wait.

To to learn more, visit the official movie website here >>