30 May, 2007

Sigg Jones Animation : by Supinfocom

This animated short is inspiring. It was created by a French animation company called Supinfocom watch this animation for its character design, art direction and timing. Very nice!

06 May, 2007

"Ka" by Cirque Du Soleil

As a creative, I find many of the Cirque Du Soleil productions absolutely inspiring. A feast for our senses, they combine story, drama, acrobatics, music, sound, costume, makeup, and stage technology to create a one of a kind experience. I have not seen Ka yet, however, I hope for things to slow down a bit before I can do so. In addition to the above, the show also showcases a array of martial arts...what more could you ask. Remember that a production like this is the product of many talented people working together who are excellent at what they do. I hope you find inspiration in this.

Let me know if you check it out.

"Overlook II" Red Rock Canyon: Las Vegas, NV

05 May, 2007

"Overlook I" Red Rock Canyon: Las Vegas, NV

"Overlook I"
Created using Painter IX
Brushes used: Artist Oils > Oily Bristle & Smudge Blender
Lighting Effects