21 December, 2010

Tron Night by Sketchdroid Mafia

Sketchdroid Mafia, the Animation and Game Design Club of the Art Institute of Las Vegas will be meeting to watch "Tron: Legacy" tonight at the Regal Theatres inside of Fiesta Casino in Henderson NV. Won't you come  and hang out with us? See you there.

If you saw the movie how did you like it?

15 December, 2010

Thor: Trailer

In this trailer, they make Thor to be a troublemaker - don't be saying such mean stuff to your Dad, especially if he's the king of the Gods, what are you thinkin?. The movie looks pretty cool, I like how they make him look to be a well trained "battle tested" fighter - I didn't expect that. Well, for what its worth, here you go...I smell an Avengers movie....


Batman: Arkham City 'Hugo Strange Trailer'

Wow, the animation and overall production of this game trailer is nice and tight. Something to look forward to in 2011. Somebody please make a movie of this quality!


09 December, 2010

Tranformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Paul Debevec: Parthenon & Live 3D Teleconferencing

While I was studying to get my Masters in Computer Animation, I learned about the work of Academy Award winning animator Paul Debevec, who leads the Institute for Creative Technologies at USC in California. Two projects that interested me recently are featured below. One of his signature pieces, an animation he created with his students, reconstructs the Parthenon, a great example of using animation to teach and share. You can look at the video by clicking the link below:

The Parthenon

To this day, it is by far one of the most inspiring pieces of modeling, texturing and lighting that I have ever seen...a fantastic simple presentation. If you would like to learn more about the project, or if you haven't seen the movie yet, be sure to check it out.

Another piece you should look at his work on live 3D Teleconferencing, where you can talk to someone "real time" in a hollographic way. Way cool and it reminds me of the scene in Star Wars E4 where R2D2 projects Princess Leia's image to get things rolling. Check out the video below or to learn more click here >:

01 December, 2010

Space Battleship Yamato

When I was in elementary school, when I would come home, before I did homework, my friends and I would turn to Channel 36 to watch the latest episodes of Starblazers (but we also had to sit through He-Man and The Masters of the Universe animated cartoon too, that appeared right before it).

Its great to see revamped updated clips of the Yamato (the name of the ship in Starblazers), as well as clips from the live action version coming this month.