03 March, 2007

The Samurai's Sword

To the students who have crossed paths with me on this great journey. Hope this adds fuel to your fire. Fire it up! - Randolf

Imagine that you are a trained and loyal samurai. You are the best in the clan, your sword is extremely sharp and you are ready at a moment's notice to do what is asked of you by your Master. This "sword" that you carry, .... is symbolic of your "skill" as an artist. It is with you at all times.

When you are called for an assignment, you run to your master, kneel and eagerly wait for instructions. You gently grip the hilt of your sword, you listen attentively and you are ready. When you know what to do, you fulfill the request with an open heart and you make sure the job is done completely and fully. Once done, you return and you are commended on a job well done. "Great job samurai .

Now, when you return to your chamber, you do not put your sword away.

You take the sword out, and you quietly go to the corner of your room. You sit down with your sword, you take out a sharpening stone and you slowly and carefully sharpen it to retain its deadly edge. The other samurai in your clan do not do this, just you.

You do this on your own.....by yourself.....with no master....no peer..... no instructor....no family member....or fellow samurai next to you. You sharpen it on your own and you do it because it is the right thing to do and it is your duty.

When you are called upon again, you sword is sharp, precise and always ready to serve you.

Keep your sword sharp.

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  1. Cool blog man!
    True...We need to keep the edge sharp.