28 March, 2007

iPup Project v.1.21

The "iPup Project" is now ready for viewing. Please post comments and questions here. Thanks to everyone who made this project possible. You may view the animation by clicking the image or link below. http://www.randolfdimalanta.com/gallery/animation/ipup/index.html

The animation was created for my Animation Production II Class for Miami International University over a nine month period. My instructors were Dori-Littel Heck, Patricio Fernandez, Thom Jouele and Diana Arambide. A special thank you goes out to Ruel Pascual for helping me make iPup come alive.

Tools Used: Pencil, Paper, Erasers, Flash, Maya, After Effects, Combustion, Final Cut, Soundtrack Pro and Photoshop.

Feel free to post comments and questions about the project here.

Thanks Enjoy!


  1. I remember when this was just a concept. You did an amazing job bringing this to completion. Great job on the animation and modeling.

    Now its time to submit to festivals. How about the Animation Block Party. Deadline is April 30th... Great job again!

  2. Estefania RodriguezMarch 29, 2007 at 10:12 PM

    It looks awsome! Really!! I like it, and its funny to remember how it changed through the weeks!

    Final product is honestly great! (you will help me do my Demo in a couple of quarters lol!

    Im proud!

    btw! also...Awesome music!! ^_^!!!

    HA! I was the first one from class to see it !! :D!!

  3. Thanks Guys! :-) Glad you liked it!

  4. Awesome job man! What's next for you?

  5. Thanks...iPup was a 9 month school assignment. Months 1-3 were spent coming up with many ideas and finalizing a single concept, towards the end of this period, we had to create a production bible and running animatic.

    Months 3-6 were spent modelling, texturing, lighting, rough staging, and rough compositing. The animatic was updated here as well.

    And months 6-9 were spent animating, adjusting the timing, compositing, rendering, post production (effects), titling and delivery.

    There was a lot to cover. 9 months went really fast and I learned a ton of stuff.

    A couple of things coming up. I have an assignment to conceptualize and finalize my thesis. My thesis, is the next big project that will keep me busy for another 9 months year.

    I'm leaning towards developing curriculum centered around acting. Towards the end, I'ld like to focus on how special effects aid in character development.

    In the back of my mind, I'm wondering if I can integrate a "Final Task" (samurai animation) sequel that would be CG. I'm leaning towards something that will be a lot of fun to do. Having fun and the ability to learn new things on a long project makes the long arduous process worthwhile.

    Lots of things to think about, for now, I'ld like to get a couple days rest before running again.

    Glad you liked the piece and thanks for watching!

  6. so, Randolf! THIS IS WHAT YOU SPENT THE LAST 9 MONTHS?! :-)
    actually, even though i seen it so many times already in class, i really enjoyed the final result. great job! love the ipup's appearance at the end with the titles.

  7. perfect timing. just what i needed to get my creative mind back in gear for the next quarter. ipup is definetly demo reel material. i hope i can pull off an animation in time for my demo at the end of the year. thanks for the email and i'm looking forward to your next project.

  8. Thank you for your comments, encouragement and support. It definitely was a learning experience. I too am wondering what the next thing will be. I will be finalizing that in the next 3 months.

    Strength and Honor,

  9. Very nice work, I like the ipup itself.

  10. Hey Randolf
    animation looks great. You did great job. Keep it up

  11. Randolf, you did a good job getting everything together and it is a cute concept. I like the energy of the little ipup, my only wish was that I could see more of the two men in the shot. I bet they looked good and that alot of time went into them. :) Great job man! I'm gonna watch it again!

  12. Hi Guys - Thanks for your input.

    Ah yes, regarding the two characters in the foreground Wilson and Commander, there was a lot of discussion during the conceptual development phase of whether or not they should be more animated.

    I actually had a version with both characters being more animated, but there was too much movement which drew attention away from ipup. A looming deadline was also a factor.
    At that moment, I wasn't sure, so I followed the idea of "when in doubt throw it out". I ended up using the version with less movement.

    Its interesting, we study animation and we enjoy seeing things move but sometimes its best to show restraint. This is really hard to do.

    One thing I could of have done better was to exaggerate the key poses so that the silhouettes would read better. Definitely something to remember for my next project.

    Thanks for your comments guys. Best of luck in all you do.


  13. RD. This looks great! Looks like you had a good time doing this. Your digital skills have come a long way. It needs something though. Like a samurai, or some ninjas maybe? I don't know. Anyway, great work! -Ramon

  14. Yo, Randolf! loved it. hate you never got a chance to fix the salute. Otherwise, great job! Check out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I had 80's flash backs throughtout that movie.
    See ya at school!

  15. Hey great job on the dog very beleivable.My only complaint and this is ultra nit picking is the ball disappeared to quickly when the dog swallowed it. I think if kind of juggled just a tad then swallowed it that would have been cool. Also when the guy says "I knew I should have disabled the fetch feature "make him slouch more.But likje I said that is just nit picking because everything is freakin awsome! great Job!

  16. Don't you hate those bloody deadlines?! >_< You still did really good, can't wait to catch up! Go Samurai Randolf- Whoo Cha!

  17. Thanks guys. Its funny you mentioned the bomb and little details like the salute. I noticed those too. We'll have to remember details like that on the next mission. ;-)

    Good catch guys.

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  19. Juan M. MartinezApril 6, 2007 at 2:54 PM

    Hey Randolph,

    It took a while for me to see it, but I did. Everything looked great. I still think that what the Wilson and the general's lines could have been more in sync with the bodies and they still looked kind of stiff. Otherwise it's a great animation. I especially enjoyed the fact that you kept the viewer to watch the end credits with the iPup, and that sushi comment absolutely brought your personality into this film. Keep it up and don't get sued by Apple. LOL.

  20. great job. I loved the whole thing

  21. Hey Randolph! I bet you're glad to be finished! I really liked the grainy look on the view monitor and the hanging wires after the explosion, its funny how little details make a big difference in the final outcome. Good luck on your next aventure, i look forward to seeing it come to fruition!