30 May, 2011

Heineken: The Date

Asian Peeps...you'll like this one. Great styling - lots of fun.

The guy is very slick indeed. See which elements in this commercial are CG. If someone could control eels in a tank and had a fancy for me, I guess I'd follow him too. The commercial is fun to watch and goes quickly. Next time though, get an Asian guy to lead.

On second thought, maybe not...someone like me would cook the eels in the tank first and mix them with some sauce.

Gears of War 3: Trailer and Concept Art

Hey, don't get mad at me for not finishing Gears of War 2...I'm savoring the flavor. He he he. Here is the GOW3 Trailer coming out end of this year, as well as a some concept art from James Hawkins II (great name dude). Be sure to check out his blog here. Fire it Up!


18 May, 2011

A Day Made of Glass

This presentation by Corning explores the many interactive possibilities for glass in the future. How long do you think we have to wait for many of these things to happen? I'd say we are almost there for a lot of things on this clip.

Notice how almost everyone is looking down in this piece.

14 May, 2011

Ryan Woodward: Martha Graham Google Doodle

This short animation caught the attention of many of us this week. Its a small, beautifully executed animation by animator Ryan Woodward.