17 April, 2008


Hey guys, I close friend shared a link to animationpodcast.com. Its run by Disney Animation Supervisor Clay Kaytis. This is so informative and inspiring. Its great to listen to while you work or drive on the freeway. 

In his podcasts, Clay interviews top animators in the field (you name them, he's interviewed them). You get to hear and learn about animation techniques, animation lessons on the job, news about the animation industry, but what I like the most is its focus on the craft of animation itself (old skool style). 

For those of you hardcore 2D Animators, its definitely worth checking. Listen to it so you become more powerful. 

Thanks Ruel for the heads up!

Fire it Up!



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  2. Thanks for getting the word out about this podcast. I've been listening to it for over two years. There are many informative interviews from the early Disney artists.....