11 September, 2008

One Rat Short

Written and Directed by Alex Weil, and the winner of numerous awards in 2006, "One Rat Short " features great modeling, lighting, texturing and fur, but most of all, it features a unique interesting story about a rat in a hight tech lab. Turn up the volume as the sound kicks. For those of you modeling your organic object this week, this is a great example of organic and inorganic models working together to help propel the story. Notice how the environment colors and textures change as we move from one environment to the next. 

The official site can be found by clicking here.


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  1. Randolf, I think people would also like to know, the PRE-PRODUCTION that goes into something like the rat short.
    How does ONE PERSON, start all this, and how long did it take this person???????
    Here's a site that should be on your links page, http://www.animationarchive.org/2006/07/meta-top-ten-reasons-to-contribute-to.html#famousartists


    This is where I'm at Randolf. I'm doing any shorts without a CLEAR CUT PLAN, lots of drawing.

    I'm learning from Will Eisner right now, and Peter Laird.


    In other words, lets still PROMOTE DRAWING Randolf. Ultimately that's how you do something this.
    So please I beg you, post more on PRE PRODUCTION to students.
    I just gave you some great links, and if people SEARCH WILL EISNER, they will find his instruction books. Which still relate to animation and your ACTING CLASS.

    So now it's your turn Randolf. Happy researching, and fire it up on this blog.