21 September, 2008

Life Drawing / Gesture Video Demonstration

Hey Guys - - In order to advance your skills, its important to be somewhat proficient in lifedrawing. The practice of which has many benefits, these include: knowledge of anatomy, proportion and movement that inevitably leads to the expression of character in animation. 

Below is a link to a video tutorial I created to help you with the gesture lifedrawing process I use. Keep in mind that there are many ways to do this, this just happens to be the procedure I follow to help me with proportion and construction of the figure (I've tried lots of methods, this is the best way for me). 

Once this is established, I can begin to add details in the contour (outline), anatomy and shading.  The lifedrawing tutorial moves kind of slow, but was necessary in order to explain a few things. 

The goal, is to do this often enough that you become proficient and fast. Keep a sketchbook handy, attend lifedrawing sessions, and or draw whenever you are kicking back in a public place.

Click below or the picture above to view the tutorial. . . enjoy!

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  1. Randolf, I convinced Vilppu to also put make some VIDEO TUTORIALS on youtube.

    After showing him what Sheldon Borenstein was doing on youtube. So please post some of these on your blog.
    The cool thing is, these videos are DOWNLOADABLE.
    Where as your videos, I have to watch in the browser, collecting cookies, junk files. That I have to clean out later.

    Please make your videos downloadable.
    Or use Sheldon's and Vilppu's.



    To watch on our DESKTOPS, not browsers.