11 November, 2009

"Despicable Me" : Villains, Villains and More Villains

Its about that time of year again when animations begin to flourish and entertain us in dark theatres while we sit and digest the holidays. It seems to be a nice tradition that everyone looks forward to. This next animation looks way cool.

"Despicable Me" is an animated feature that shows lots of promise. From the creators of the Ice Age movies, it is simply unique - it is a story about "bad guys" or "villains". The characters are well designed and made me crack up the first time I saw them. The main character in this trailer not only looks funny, but is also very independent, confident and charming, something every villain needs these days.

In class, we view many trailers of animations that are being released, and we discuss if whether or not if they would pay to go see a particular animation. "Despicable Me", scored high on our list.

I'm also diggin the spy, hip hop, ultra lounge soundtrack too. When you get a chance, be sure you check out the official movie site. Check out their awesome URL, probably one of the first to use that .me URL ending. The site below is lots of fun. Hopefully this movie performs well, it shows great promise.


Enjoy - Fire It Up!


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  1. haha the first trailer was totally different from this second one. it looks great nonetheless.

    anyway randolf, i found a really cool video for your background class. it's from a Gobelins student named Aymeric Kevin.