07 November, 2009

Jean Denis Haas: "Shark" Animation

Here is some personal work from one of our favorite animators Jean Denis Haas. Jean is based out of California, animates for Industrial Light and Magic and has worked on Star Wars III and Pirates of the Caribbean II.

You can learn a lot from his animation, when you watch it, pay attention to his timing, posing, pauses, camera angles, overlapping action and moving holds. His handling is subtle, but still very interesting.

There's a lot to be said about starting and completing projects on your own. The process keeps you energized because its fun, and it makes you sensitive to all the nuances needed to create realistic movement.

Personal projects don't have to be complex. They should be simple, fun and engaging, enough for you to work on it after a hard days work.

Hey, keep up the great work Jean. Looking forward to seeing more. To learn more about Jean, check out his blog and website below.



1 comment:

  1. Hey Randolf!

    Thanks a lot for the kind words, much appreciated!

    I'm glad you like it, it's always tricky to be objective when you work on something so closely. Maybe in a few weeks I can judge it myself. :)

    But it was great working on something outside of my daily work schedule. It's just a lot of fun to come up with your own ideas and to animate on your own. It takes up a lot of time though, so I can't really do it all the time, I need to focus my time on my family and regular job.

    Thanks again!