30 March, 2009

Bruce Lee vs. Iron Man: Clever Animation


There are some things that I see out of the corner of my eye, that I end up checking out. I saw the icon to the animation and clicked it because 1) I like Bruce Lee (have been since I was a little boy), and 2) I liked Ironman and found it intriguing how these two characters would fight. 

For animation and visual effects students, you'll find it highly entertaining. It was also short (less than a minute) and it shows what you can do with a great fun idea. When I saw how many people viewed it already, numbering over a million, I couldn't resist. I had to check it out. For those of you wondering, I definitely think its STOPMO, with a little dash of compositing and lensflare :-). 

What do you think? Whoever made this....great work.

Funny ending too. Way to kick those guys!


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