17 March, 2009

PC vs. Mac Transformers Animation

This animation was created by Dan Chianelli and Nick Greenlee as a visual effects and animation piece. It got our attention not only for its overall quality, but because they attended Art Institute schools. For those of you who attend Art Institute schools, I'm sure you'll recognize the paint job in the halls and rooms, the piece is fun to watch...

This piece is outstanding, its professionally filmed, the story has a nice hook at the beginning and once the animation kicks in, you'll find great examples of animation, compositing and lighting. Overall...seamless and well done! If you are an animation student, this should inspire and stir you a little bit.

Dan and Nick, you have some fans here at the school, when you get a chance reply to this post when you have a moment to let us know what happened to you once word of your animation got around. Lots of us want to hear how you are doing. Best of luck in all you do.

Fire it Up! - Randolf


  1. All I can say it "WOW"! I hope posting this video to youtube will result in some awesome job offers for the two students who created this animation. Fantastic!

    Lynn Schafer

  2. Thanks for the review Randolf. We're glad that everyone at the Ai in Las Vegas enjoyed it. In October it was showcased at the Artimation Digital Arts Festival in Barrington, Illinois and soon after that it started getting a lot of views on Youtube. So far no major studios have contacted us about it but a couple of advertising companies have. CNN did a small report on it in December, which led to even more hits on Youtube.
    With all of the positive reviews we've been getting we decided that we had to do a sequel. We just wrapped up pre-production on it and are going into production very soon. Expect to see a teaser trailer sometime in June. We'll keep you posted.
    Thanks for all of your support.

  3. Wow, that's great. Keep us posted and best of luck in all you do. We can't wait to see your sequel.