03 March, 2009

Barclay Waterslide: Video Contest

This just came in and I found it to be very amusing. First, Barclay is a "contactless" technology company. It seems that the company is expert in setting up systems so that you can get around and pay for things easily, these days we need it. See the commercial below and you'll see what I mean. As you watch, your assignment is to see which parts are CG and which parts are not.

So, some guys in London decided to do a spoof on the ad, and created an amazing waterslide with household items. Not only that, but they filmed it and got some recognition for it.

Interesting right? Barclay is making a competition out of it and it sounds cool.

Can you make a better slide? I think you can. Get your crew together, film it, edit it and make it cool. Post it on Youtube and if you get the most hits, you could win a fantastic waterslide trip around the world in places such as China, Dubai, Brazil, Brazil or Germany. You'll also be given a laptop and camera to document your sliding trip around the world. Sounds fun, especially with Summer fast approaching.