06 March, 2009

Laundry Day: By Guillaume Chartier

I teach a lot of 2D animation classes, and in looking at my blog, realized that I haven't posted many great 2D examples for my classes to watch, even though we watch many in class. So, the next several blog posts will be solely devoted to 2D animation, in order to build my collection.

This first example, was recommended from one of my students Chrsta. It's called "Laundry Day" and was animated by animator Guillaume Chartier . It opens well and soon as we see "the object", draws our attention, the premise is interesting, the animation (the pieces that are complete) is smooth, displays good anticipation, arcs, follow through and exaggeration, and most importantly, its pretty darn funny. You'll have to watch...wait and see.

I'm also glad to see the unfinished look he has for a couple of his shots. Loose uncleaned animation can sometimes be more gestural, fluid, we see how he animates form and most importantly, we can see how he breaks down his acting into keyframes, which brings forth a great opportunity for learning animation. Good job Guillaume, if you ever read this post, post a reply, you got a lot of fans here at the school.

Thanks for the link Christa C.

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