28 February, 2009

Street Fighter IV Video Game Premiere

I had been a Streetfighter fan for many many years beginning in Jr. High, and through the years have seen a handful of Japanese anime Streetfighter cartoons (which were all awesome) and yes, I even remember Jean- Claude Van Damme playing Guile in the Streetfighter movie (1995).

So now, I'm grown, older and the years have slipped by without ever having to pick up any new news about the game. Once in a while though, I see the new games at the arcades and the last one I remember, featuring Marvel superheroes, that came out many years ago, I thought to be a bit of a stretch. The game play looked the same and there wasn't anything new that I felt I need to try. The old moves I remembered still worked woohoo! We need this game to be revamped.

Now, comes Streetfighter IV. Watch the trailer above and you'll see the same characters redesigned in a slick, tough dimensional way. Very nice. We also see a combination of refined 2D and 3D. The colors look great and the visual effects are done in such a way that enhances the in game cinematics to be better than what I had remembered the films to be growing up. This looks slick, complex and simply awesome. I'm definitely checking it out. For a while, I thought I would not see Streetfighter again, but it looks like they created something special here.

Oh yeah, by the way, it looks like they are also producing a series of Streetfighter movies, with the first one starring Chun Li and Vega. I've posted that here as well. When I see the movie, I'll definitely compare it what I've seen in the past and will also pay attention to how close they stay to the original storylines found in the game.