03 April, 2009

Nintendo DSI Premiere : This Sunday April 5

In the last year, I've grown to love the Nintendo DS. In our house, we have two, we have pink one and the dark blue one and even though most of its use is from the youngest members of our house, surprisingly, my wife and I find great use for it too. My wife plays Scrabble, and I spend a lot of time playing WSOP and Dark Conflict. I use it a lot when I work out during my cardio sessions on a stationary bike, and it makes the time fly. I love it. If you get a chance see how you like using the DS with the R4 adapter.

The video above highlights the new Nintendo DSI which premieres this weekend. It features a camera, interactive mic and new creative software. The best part is the downloadable browser which was inevitable and so very nice to see. The only thing as mentioned in the clip is the cost. Its going to retail for $170, a whole $40 more than the standard base cost. They say that presales of the unit have surpassed the previous DS and Wii.

If you were one of the ones who have preordered your new DSI, chime in and let us know how you like it.

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