28 January, 2010

The 3rd & The 7th: Modeling Reel

"This guy is so good, that it makes me feel bad." - Anonymous CG Student

That was actually said in class as we watched in amazement at Alex's work. This, by far, is one of the best CG modeling reels I have seen. Kids, pay attention because this is how its done.

In this presentation, Alex showcases CG rendered modern architectural models in a way that a photographer would present their work. His compositions are eye catching, has a masterful use of depth of field (blur), lighting and texturing that sets the stage for a an excellent presentation

The clip above showcases a random sampling of shots as well as the breakdowns, so you can see his process.

The clip below is the longer "Third and Seventh" movie (12 minutes long), if you have time, do check it out. The piece is very beautiful. You can learn more about his work and his methods by checking out more of his movies on Alex Roman's Vimeo page here >>. Let me know what you think of his work.

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