24 January, 2010

Pigeon Impossible

"Pigeon Impossible" is a clever animated short produced by animator Lucas Martell. I liked many things about it, particularly the clever story, characters, overall digital execution, soundtrack (his music is "off the hook" - how in the heck did you pull that off?), and after looking at this piece, I also noticed that he's got a lot of "behind the scenes" featurettes, so you can experience many the many struggles he faced during the production process. These featurettes are also well designed and entertaining. Thanks Isaac for sharing.

Check out the animation and take a few moments to check out some of the "Behind the Scenes" clips...simply inspiring from an "animator" standpiont.

Thanks for sharing Lucas, keep up the great work. We'll keep an eye out for your next project.


His featurette about writing and developing his script is below...

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