06 January, 2010

Avatar: MOCAP Featurette

By this time, you have all probably seen Avatar, by far one of the greatest, most enjoyable movie experiences I've had in quite awhile. Be sure you watch it in Imax 3D. You'll be amazed at how beautiful the film is.

As an animator, I paid close attention to the handling of the eyes. In animated CG films, the models and characters look great, but there is always something fake about them, that is usually attributed to the eyes.

This "eye thing" is called the "Uncanny Valley". Avatar however, hit the spot. The eyes looked very natural, through appropriate eye rolls and darts. Not sure if this was MOCAP'ed, anyone know. Usually, this is done by hand.

Kudos to the animation crew of Avatar for making such a memorable film, you guys deserve everything grand brought on by your work.

Fire it Up! Anyone see this for a second time? How was it?

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