04 February, 2010

Peter Zoppi

Peter Zoppi is a talented modeler and creature designer who has done work for both video games and film. His site came across our screens this week, and it made everybody pause...we wanted to get a closer look. He creates his base mesh in Maya and adds the detail using Mudbox. He's got a great command over surface detail, and a holistic understanding of anatomy that is obvious, especially in the Alien piece above.

I hope you will be inspired just as I was, be sure to check out his demo reel by clicking here >>.

Hey Pete, keep up the great work and thanks for posting. Lots of people here like your work.

Fire it up!



  1. wow! It is exciting to me that my work has been an inspiration to some of you. I know for myself I still have a long way to go with my work and that is what is so interesting about this field, you can always get better and create better work. I'm still constantly studying anatomy, other peoples work and keeping up on the latest software and technology. It would be really cool to see some of what you're all working on. If you're ever looking for some feedback or critiques feel free to contact me.



  2. Thanks Pete. Best of luck in all you do. Your kindness will be greatly appreciated here.


  3. Thanks Peter for your work! It's very inspiring.