23 October, 2009

Xing Tain: "Exotique" Conceptual Artist

Saw this artist today and felt it was important to spread the word about the way he works. Yu Chong Heng is a conceptual artist who is featured in all of the "Exotique" publications. He knows anatomy, lighting and an understanding of design that helps propel a story. The piece you see is of the mythical character Xing Tain.

Yu Chong Heng has created a short tutorial for you to gain insight into his work process. He shows his research, photoreference, and process. The most important thing I want you to see, after the initial research and sketch, is his use of the lighting systems in Photoshop, and simple models in Maya to enhance and make his piece believable. The tutorial is designed to be easily scanned, so you can get a quick hit of information. You can see his demo by clicking here >>

In this character, yes...he could have drawn the horns and bracelets by hand, but he used Maya instead to quickly solve for the form, lighting and detail. Using the tool in this way makes for a believable piece, and in sci-fi illustration, this is essential.


Fire it up. Keep drawing, painting and animating!

- Randolf


  1. Wonderful work. Big fan. Wish I knew how to use Maya... is there a good resource for it?

  2. Hey Paul - I learned Maya through the vtc website. Let me know if you start and send me questions if you have any. Great to hear from you. Keep drawing and painting. My best to you - Randolf.

  3. Might be helpful to know that the artist's name is not Xing Tain. That is the name of the character.

    The artist's name is Yu Chong Heng.

  4. Thanks - I just made the correction. I want to make sure the information is correct, thanks for catching that.