21 October, 2009

Paul Debevec : Realistic Facial Animation

Paul Debevec is a pioneer in computer animation famous for his eyecatching breakthroughs in technology that were eventually used in films such as the Matrix, Superman Returns and Benjamin Button. In my animation classes, I show his animation called "Parthenon" as a good example of lighting, texturing and how animation is used to educate people in an interesting way. He has inspired me for many years. If you've never seen it before, click here, you'll like it and just maybe, you'll also be inspired too.

In the above lecture, Paul talks about the light array process called Photometrics used to capture realistic detail in a human face. The results, as you can see below are amazing (face only). He also shows how the information can be used with Imagemetrics to create a digital puppet of the actress named "Emily "that produces startling results. The image below says it all. Check out the lecture above and here from one of Computer Animation's greats.

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