19 October, 2009

Preparing for the Animation Industry: Animation Mentor

On the Animation Mentor - Tips and Tricks Blog, there is a posting about how to prepare for the animation industry. The blog post is informative and covers the following, but if you think about it, the advice crosses many disciplines. Visual Effects and Game Art and Design professionals would benefit from this advice as well. The blogpost includes:

  • Know the studio and the work they create, so you can tailor your reel.
  • Avoid putting work in your demo reel other than your own.
  • Keep in mind that you will be hired during crunchtime - so meet those deadlines.
  • Check your ego/attitude at the door.
The last one is interesting. Lots has to be said about being humble and open to critique. Having an attitude that prevents this stifles growth, and nobody will want to be with you because you will be deemed hard to work with.

Check out and bookmark the blogpost here >>.

Keep drawing, painting and animating.

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