11 October, 2009

Making Games Fun: Unity 3D Engine

In this video, we explore gameplay within a simple environment created within the Unity 3D platform, in it, the designer talks about the various components needed to make an interesting game such as pacing, balance, the creation of a challenge and reward system and the amount of time needed to create this simple game. It took him about 4 weeks to make (this is great information if you've never made a game before). If you are interested in the subject and would like to one day create and design your own games, be sure to check out what this video talks about. I think you will find the information to be most beneficial.

Another reason to watch this piece is that our school will soon be switching over from the Unreal Tournament Game Engine, to the Unity 3D game engine. Watching the video will give you an idea of its capabilities. The video is another example of what Unity can do. Be sure to check out the Unity 3D site to get a feel for the variety Unity offers. Its pretty awesome.

Fire it up and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Whao, not even 4 weeks. 3-4 days, 16 days max.
    Most impressive is the simplicity ! Challenge and reward makes for fun. Love his mechanics. Upgrade weapon, swarm the player. My favorite part.