02 June, 2009

"Evolution of Technology" - Animation

This piece came up in class this week and is all agree, that it is extremely exceptional. It was created for Saturn Technologies, a German electronics retailer and from what I had found was put together by a group called BLR (Big Lazy Robot) and Furia, a Barcelona based VFX firm. What's cool, is that it looks as though BLR found work on the Transformers Movie too, good job guys.

The piece is carried by a clever concept that is well executed. It has great lighting, texturing, slick animal animation and superb water dynamics (bubbles). The colors, mood and overall look and feel add to the intensity created through this unique concept of evolution where only the strong survive. When you get a chance, try to watch this in HQ, its worth it.

Hey Isaac, thanks for sharing and the heads up!

Fire it UP and Enjoy!

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