23 June, 2009

Transformers Franchise History

Here's a little documentary that we stumbled upon about the Transformers franchise. With the premiere of Transformers 2 fast approaching we thought a little history lesson would wet your appetite. For those of you who remember the very time the toys came out, you would have to agree that these were the greatest baby sitters, keeping all of us out of trouble, but also away from "the girls", which is okay, its just that some of us haven't grown out of the toys yet.

This documentary features its Japanese origins, the first Transformers toy commercial premiere, information about the different generations (Transformers Generation I and II), clips from the various animated series (Dinobots), and its transition into the 2007 live action piece. Its a nice little hit that's well worth checking out.

My favorite part of this clip, was seeing Soundwave. The cool "Walkman" style Decepticon who had the two cassette tapes that would launch and transform into a Buzzsaw and Ravage. I'll have to admit that I lost interest after the Dinobots, but in the film, we can see how the remnants of those types of ideas play a huge role in giving the robots variety.

Check out the film when it comes out.

See you at the concession stand.

Fire it up!

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